Clinton Williamson
Specialist Legal Consultant

With 40 years of experience working in criminal defence in London and beyond, Clinton is no stranger to criminal law. Whilst studying for his A-levels, he obtained a part time job working for a national law firm in the criminal department. Although he began university studies in financial accounting, his passion for his part-time work took over and became his career focus. Still living in the area of London in which he grew up, he is now well known across the City due to his remarkable legal career. Some of the top QC barristers and Judges know Clinton on first name terms because of this.

Working in the police stations, representing clients before the Police and Criminal Evidence Act was even in existence, means that Clinton has seen the ups and the downs of our criminal justice system. He has actively assisted clients throughout some of the worst times including the Miner Strikes, Poll Tax Riots, the Brixton Riots and more recently, the London Riots in 2011. This is where Clinton, over the years, has developed his skills in complex conspiracy and joint enterprise offences.

An extensive career has seen Clinton start as a paralegal and progress to co-founding a firm 25 years after dedicating his working life to fighting injustices in crime. After years of taking an active role in the management of that firm, Clinton decided it was time to go back to his roots, focusing on the clients and the skills he has developed over the years.

Clinton is considered a specialist litigator in all things conspiracy and gang related. He has been headhunted to work on complex terrorist cases, high value cash in transit robberies, city frauds in ponzi scheme and complex accounting systems, and gangland murders. This has taken him across the breadth of England and Wales representing these clients who need his specialist skills in these group offences.

Knowing the dedication and specialisms found at Nicholls & Nicholls are probably the highest in the country, Clinton knew he would be best placed here and has been part of the team since 2018.