Removal of DNA and photographs from PNC

We are able to assist clients with the deletion of fingerprints, DNA and photographs that are stored on the Police National Computer database. This is a common request made by those who were arrested for an offence but not charged, or tried in court for an offence but found Not Guilty. We understand that those who are either not proceeded against or acquitted at court may wish for the police to remove any record taken. We would be happy to assist and liaise with the relevant authorities to establish and confirm:

  • Which records are held (fingerprint, DNA, photographic records) 
  • The reasons for having taken those records (if necessary)
  • Written confirmation as to whether those records are eligible for deletion
  • The deletion of that data

We offer this service on a fixed-fee basis as there is no public funding available. There is an exhaustive list of offences, coupled with a stringent eligibility criteria that exclude a person from making an application which we hold at our offices. As part of our service to you, we shall undertake a full consideration of the circumstances surrounding the request, as well as ACRO’s criteria, when making any such application to achieve the best possible result. 

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