Removal of a police caution from the Police National Computer

A criminal caution will show on an advanced or standard criminal record check for a period of 6 years. Cautions in relation to a prescribed offence, for example GBH or sex offences, remain on a criminal record permanently. 

We understand that mistakes can be made, especially as a youth, and that a criminal record from years prior can be debilitating to those wishing to enter certain industries or countries. It is common for industries such as the legal profession, NHS and social sector to require all candidates to have a record clean of convictions and cautions. What is little known, however, is that a police caution can potentially be removed from your record upon application to the police service who issued it.

We are able to assist in this process by making the application to the police and engaging with them to achieve a favourable outcome. In order for an application to be made, there must be compelling reasons in favour of the removal of the caution. The timeline for removing a caution is unpredictable, and therefore we would need to take detailed instructions as to the reason for the caution, when it was given and details of the original allegation. 

Should you wish to pursue the removal of a caution before the expiry date, we are happy to discuss the process and advise of how and when this can happen on a fixed fee basis. 

It is important to note that all cases turn on their individual facts which means we at Nicholls & Nicholls, consider each case and their circumstances with a dedicated lawyer working on your case as your point of contact.

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