Corporate Internal Investigations

Following a discovery of criminal activity or other misconduct taking place within your organisation, it is important to seek legal advice to respond swiftly and effectively to both regulatory and reputational issues.

Corporate bodies face greater risk and liability under regulatory and criminal law, and must actively report any suspected or confirmed wrongdoing. However, it is important that a business has all the facts through a well-managed internal investigation in order to respond appropriately and accurately self-report to the relevant authorities and regulators, such as the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

Regulatory Lawyers at Nicholls & Nicholls can offer confidential legal advice in relation to your organisation’s responsibilities and provide representation, where necessary, to secure the best outcome for you and your business.

Additionally, if regulators or prosecutors are involved, or need to be informed, we can liaise with them and assist with the investigation appropriately and ensure that matters are dealt with correctly and in a timely manner, with minimal business disruption.

Nicholls & Nichols have the necessary experience and expertise to plan and deliver the strategy to ensure that a company and its directors’ interests are best protected at every stage.

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