Business Licencing

Certain businesses require specific licences to operate in accordance with the law, particularly premise licences under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Gambling Act 2005. This legislation governs premises that sell alcohol and offer food and entertainment such as restaurants, betting shops and nightclubs. Licences are now obtainable for industrial hemp- low THC cannabis. We have specialist lawyers who can assist with the regulatory issues involved in the production and sale of low THC hemp for public and commercial use. This also assists in prevention of any criminal proceedings which are commonly linked with the sale of products. Nicholls & Nicholls successfully represented Canna Kitchen, a business accused of selling cannabis despite having complied with the regulatory provisions.

Breach of licences are punishable with a fine; however, repeated breaches may lead to enforcement action from the local authority, or a summons to a licensing committee hearing along with parallel criminal prosecutions.

It is important that you speak with a licensing lawyer as soon as possible if your business is facing prosecution as early decisive action gives the best chance of success.

From small bars to larger franchises, regulatory lawyers at Nicholls & Nicholls can assist with advising on the relevant licence applications and any allegations of breaches. We offer advice and representation at hearings and can engage with prosecuting authorities to secure the best outcome for you and your business.

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