We’ve been headlining across the press – including in the Independent, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and BBC News – for our recent trial win!

Our client, Sarah Baker, a transgender who has recently gone viral in the media, was recommended to the firm following her arrest on July 12th. She was charged with intentionally encouraging the commission of an offence, namely assault by beating. As a convicted offender, Sarah had previously been sentenced to a life term of imprisonment but had been released from custody on license four years earlier.

An activist and author generating interest and support for the trans community, she was attending a Trans+Pride rally in the capital. With thousands in attendance, it was confirmed by police there was no counter protesting or hostility throughout the rally. Sarah was one of many who took to the stage, briefly, whereby she was captured on video saying “…if you see a terf, punch them in the [expletive] face.” She accepted she had said the words but denied any intent to incite violence.

Our defence centred around those in attendance at the event being part of the transgender community or very aware of the struggles they suffer by people who are classed as ‘TERFS’ (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists), and not those to which she was referring to. The defence team were served with four witness statements from women who class themselves as TERFS and were offended, but it was clear they were irrelevant to the charge as they were not present at the event – a fact confirmed by police.

Strategic questioning provided the opportunity to highlight the struggles of the transgender community and the benefit of pride events. Sarah herself said she attended the event to celebrate surviving another year. The offence was highly unusual, and we argued that there was no intention on the part of our client to incite violence, nor was there any way she could have foreseen this occurring.

Appearing at City of London Magistrates’ Court, we had a fully contested trial where our client gave evidence and was ultimately found not guilty, to the applause of the public gallery. Unfortunately the trial win is not the end of the matter for Sarah as she has to apply for parole to be released, anticipated to take place in the new year.

Another great success for team Nicholls & Nicholls. Initial stages of court and trial prep undertaken by solicitor Ben Baker, and trial conducted by Lucinda Nicholls. For more information about our work, and to see how we could provide assistance to you or your employees, take a look at our practice areas here or speak to us directly on 0207 842 1995.

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