Nicholls & Nicholls has been headlining across the press recently, due to our role in defending trans activist Sarah Baker. ‘Punch a TERF in the face’ was said at a trans+ pride event in London which was recorded and circulated online. Suella Braverman, Home Secretary, commented that Sarah should be arrested when it was brought to her attention on twitter (now known as X). A TERF is the recognised and accepted acronym for Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists.

An all day trial ensued with a packed public gallery consisting of supporters and journalists. After viewing footage and hearing the prosecution case, Sarah then gave evidence in support of her position before the District Judge. Careful questioning by her defence lawyer and managing partner, Lucinda Nicholls, allowed Sarah to be able to explain the plight and fears that the transgender community suffer consistently and the reason why the Trans Pride event is so important.

Following closing submissions made on Miss Baker’s behalf, the Judge determined that there was only the evidence of the defendant to explain the intention at the time of making the remarks. It was quite clear that Miss Baker was trying to raise awareness for an ostracised community. The Judge concluded therefore that raising awareness is not a criminal offence and that there was no intention for the action to be carried out.

This story featured heavily across media platforms including the Independent, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard and BBC News.

Reflecting on the case, Lucinda Nicholls says ‘It is a real disappointment to see the trans community ostracised so nationally, including from those in Government. It shouldn’t matter what you look like in order to have a voice in society or be recognised as a human equal to the one standing next to you. For generations, people of differing backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and sex, have been controlled, isolated and threatened. This still happens today and it just isn’t fair. My firm recognise individuals for who they are. Sarah came to us asking for our help and we made sure it was given, hence the Not Guilty verdict in court. It was tough. And the backlash since the incident on social media suggesting a woman should be ashamed of defending a transgender just goes to show how bad it really is. Frankly, I’m proud of our work and I will continue to fight for justice in the Court system wherever I can. ’

Another great success for team Nicholls & Nicholls. Initial stages of court and trial preparation undertaken by solicitor Ben Baker, and trial conducted by Lucinda Nicholls. For more information about our work, and to see how we could provide assistance to you or your employees, take a look at our practice areas here or speak to us directly on 0207 842 1995.

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